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Contact us to set up a meeting with 1 of our experts. We work with your company to set the right plan for your goals. We are just a phone call or email away.


In our meeting we will go through to make sure the right processes are set up & create full compliancy with regards to your company accounting.


Implementation of all activities is vital to make sure continued growth occurs. We will help your company every step of the way.

Client Driven

Having the proper systems and team to back your business is vital for growth. At Measured Growth CPA we work for you and advise with our expertise. Many firms work differently compared to us and are not client driven. We have seen this trend and want to end the cycle. Contact us today. 

Why Us?

Flat Pricing

Unlike most, we do not charge per hour. We want to make sure you, our clients are 100% satisfied!

Better Process

We make sure that our process is simple. There are no surprises with us & we are available in the GTA.

Client Focused

We focus on you. We do not worry about our profits first but want you to succeed & have growth.

Full Support

We make sure the lines of communication are always open. Contact by phone or email when needed.

Redefining The Industry

We see what’s wrong and want to fix it. We make sure that you, our clients come first all the time.

Company Growth

We want to make sure that our efforts are only helping your business. We have experience in specific industries related to entrepreneurs, fitness and health. We have seen where there are many opportunities for companies to grow while keeping accurate books. Working with us is simple and easy. We want to meet with your company and truly showcase why we are different from many other firms & working for you, the client.

Real Time Help

We know that working with many companies, they often do not seem to be present. The reason is they do not always have your best interest in mind. We make sure that what is important to you, becomes important to us. We work with you to develop proper accounting strategies and showcase what a decision can do for your business. We know our strengths which is why the industries we try to help out always succeed when working with us.

Dedicated Team

Our team of experts is ready to make sure you never work with a company that does not care again. We break everything down with out. We make sure it is easy to understand and that our local accounting firm is the best fit for you. As a dedicated team we want to showcase what we are able to for you. Working with us will make sure that you see growth with your company and your books are kept in proper order.

Why We Work Better

We make everything simple for you. No longer do you have to agree with things you do not understand. Working with us will make sure that all your business activities are running smoothly.

Who we are

We are here to offer you local accounting services in the GTA. As a small firm we believe in value. Measured Growth CPA was founded on the premise that the industry is starting to forget what is the most important, you the client. We want to make sure that businesses are succeeding in the proper way to help sustain growth. We help your business understand what should be focused on. We work on a per month basis rather than per hour. Many firms who follow the per hour model often times will prolong what needs to be done. We have decided to go against the industry tradition as we know that costs are very important when growing your business. We want to reduce any stress that a per hour charging system can create. 

Why We Are Better 

We want nothing more than to help as many businesses in the entrepreneur, nutrition, fitness and health sectors. We have a strong passion for the above industries and want to be the leader within them. We have a strong passion for helping those in needed and know what are strengths are. We have talked to a lot of businesses and understand what truly is happening. Working with us not only gives you access to all our knowledge but our local accounting firm is available for you when  needed.

Packages You Can Count On

Your needs will change along with your gains. Each package is catered to where you’re currently at in your business. 


Contact For Pricing

Getting Started:


Sales Tax

Financial Accounting



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Beginner Plus Below:



Management Accounting

Payables and Receivables


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Intermediate Plus Below:

Virtual CFO Services

Board Reporting

Mergers and Acquisitions

Capital Fundraising


Tax – Personal and corporate income tax returns
Sales tax – Preparation of sales tax returns
Financial accounting – Compilation engagements prepared by a designated CPA, including profit and loss reports and balance sheets.
Compliance – Always be audit ready 


Bookkeeping – Outsourced and automated bookkeeping to manage your daily transactions. We make sure your books are always up to date so that you can make better, faster decisions.
Payroll – Management of payroll remittances and year end tax documents
Management accounting – Reporting and advice to support business development
Payables and receivables – Management of invoices from your suppliers and customers


Virtual CFO – Strategic financial and management advice designed to meet your growth objectives
Board reporting – Preparation of board reports to help directors make informed decisions
Mergers & Acquisitions – Facilitation and advice on mergers and acquisitions
Capital Fundraising – Advice on seeking debt or equity to help grow your business

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