CERB payments have been extended for 2 more months!
I’ve never been more proud to be Canadian. Many people don’t agree, but I think the support that we’ve received from the government during these times has been incredible.
My fear is for what’s to come. Now that the economy is reopening, many people will still be out of work. Thankfully, there are a few more months of support coming from the federal government, and this is a perfect opportunity for those that are out of work to develop their skills.
I realize that mental health has been a huge issue during this time. For many, skill acquisition wasn’t a focus. They just wanted to stay sane. But skill acquisition has never been more important than now.
The world is going through a major shift. The job you had before the pandemic may no longer come back. So while you’ve got your rent and groceries covered by the CERB, here are some skills Dan Lok has shared. These are high income skills that you can develop and use in any economy:
– Software and Web Development
– Entrepreneurship
– Copywriting, business writing, technical writing
– Specialized or Technical Skills
– Web Design and Digital Marketing
– Teaching, Training or Coaching
– Supervising Teams and Operations
– Legal and Administrative Skills
– Sales, Closing, Deal Making
– Public Speaking
– Creative Skills
– Financial Skills
– Cyber security
– Daniel