CERB payments have been extended for 2 more months!
I’ve never been more proud to be Canadian. Many people don’t agree, but I think the support that we’ve received from the government during these times has been incredible.
My fear is for what’s to come. Now that the economy is reopening, many people will still be out of work. Thankfully, there are a few more months of support coming from the federal government, and this is a perfect opportunity for those that are out of work to develop their skills.
I realize that mental health has been a huge issue during this time. For many, skill acquisition wasn’t a focus. They just wanted to stay sane. But skill acquisition has never been more important than now.
The world is going through a major shift. The job you had before the pandemic may no longer come back. So while you’ve got your rent and groceries covered by the CERB, here are some skills Dan Lok has shared. These are high income skills that you can develop and use in any economy:
– Software and Web Development
– Entrepreneurship
– Copywriting, business writing, technical writing
– Specialized or Technical Skills
– Web Design and Digital Marketing
– Teaching, Training or Coaching
– Supervising Teams and Operations
– Legal and Administrative Skills
– Sales, Closing, Deal Making
– Public Speaking
– Creative Skills
– Financial Skills
– Cyber security
The Importance Of Maintaining Your Books From The Start

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Books From The Start

“The best way to keep more money is to gain awareness over how much you have.”
Over the last decade, I’ve seen countless entrepreneurs disregard the need for maintaining proper books. I totally understand that bookkeeping is a time sucker, and does not seem like it adds value to what your business is trying to do. I’m here to tell you, I understand the frustration, and am going to explain why and how you should care before things get way too out of hand. 
There are two major reasons why small business owners should care about bookkeeping: 

1. Tax compliance. 

This is something that most people already understand. We live in a society, and tax is the price we pay for paved roads, health care, and a multitude of other incredible things. If you don’t have a method of documenting your earnings (or costs), eventually the CRA will come asking for it. Being prepared early on will lead to a lot of time savings when this happens.

2. Being aware of cash flows

In my professional opinion, this is significantly overlooked by entrepreneurs when they’re starting out. The best way to keep awareness is to set up a process that will allow you to keep your books up to date at all times. Here at Measured Growth we do exactly that. By leveraging modern cloud accounting software, we are able to give you meaningful data and advice to make better and quicker business decisions. And by using these cost-efficient tools, we are able to pass on these cost savings to you. 
Whether you’re just starting out or need all of your books caught up, we have a solution for you. 
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