1. Schedule a complementary call with us. No matter where you’re reaching out from, we will send you a link to quickly and easily book a call. During this call, we will talk about your specific business to find out exactly what kind of accounting services you need. You will also have an opportunity to ask a professional CPA any questions you like.

2. After we’ve determined which accounting services you need, we’ll ask you to send over a few documents that we’ll need to give you a fixed price for the services. Many accountants still use the outdated hourly billing model, but we believe that you should never be surprised by an accounting bill.

3. After you’ve provided us with the requested information, we will send you a personalized pre-recorded video with your options, and how we arrived at the fixed price.

4. Once you have reviewed and chosen which option you like best, we will send you a proposal that can be viewed and signed online.

5. Once the proposal has been accepted, we will schedule an onboarding meeting to get your books set up on autopilot

After completing this 5 step process, you will feel certain that you’ve finally found an accountant that is on top of you, and not one that you need to remind about you. You’ll also feel much more empowered and knowledgable about your obligations.